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Dating med student long distance

Dating as a med student is challenging.

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So much depends on the wants and needs of the individual people! I asked my boyfriend his input on this topic, too! We both agreed that there are a few key things that make Ladies seeking sex Mentone Indiana relationship work. The first is that our work ethics and lifestyles are very similar.

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A long-distance relationship with a medical student? No way, I thought.


That sounded like a terrible idea. Eventually, though, I gave in. We dated in person for 10 wonderful days before moving apart until our marriage 20 months later. It was HARD! But I would do it again in a heartbeat.

2. have realistic expectations

About the. Skype and FaceTime were a huge part of our daily existence while we were apart. We hung out regularly while my husband studied, while we ate meals, or when we just had downtime. We even Skyped on occasion when one of us had friends over. Beyond just being together via video chat, we made an effort to have real conversations on a regular basis.

We went through premarital counseling during this time, and being long distance gave us the chance to really talk through issues finances, kids, relationship with in-laws, career ambitions, etc before our marriage. While you should certainly be thoughtful in any relationship, putting thought into ways to connect is even more important when you spend your days miles apart from your ificant other. We tried to find small ways to let the other know we were thinking of them. Before saying goodbye at How long should you be dating before you are in a relationship, he booked plane tickets to visit me at spring break.

Pre-existing relationships often falter.

Before spring break was over, we made plans to go on a beach trip together with my family or for me to use a vacation week to visit him at school. Having the next visit planned meant we never left wondering when Adult wants sex tonight Blythewood SouthCarolina 29016 would see each other next and helped build security in the commitment of our relationship. We made a concerted effort to keep our lives an open book with each other, from work victories and fun times with friends to relationship frustrations and personal struggles.

We both knew we could ask each other anything and get an honest response. In our situation, a long distance relationship worked.

It ended in our marriage—when I finally Des moines dating sites and got a job in the city where he lived for school—and we now hardly remember the time we spent apart. When looking at your own relationship, how do you know if a long-distance relationship is right for you?

Trust can always be broken no matter how trustworthy someone has been ly, but their track record is still a good indicator of future performance. Do you know how they spend their time? Have they broken trust with Random people snapchat, family, or ificant others in the past?

Any relationship requires trust, Craigslist backpage austin long distance even more so. Make sure you are in agreement about when you will be in the same city again. Maybe after one of you graduates and is free to move or once you get engaged or married as in our case.

Medical school is no joke. There will be stress, lots of tests, and lots and lots of studying. If one person in the relationship is non-medical, you will need to make sure they understand—as much as is possible Delaware Oklahoma women seeking cock going through it—what the daily life is like as a medical student and how it will change when transitioning from the pre-clinical to the clinical years.

The medical partner may not be able to dedicate as much time to the relationship during certain phases of their education e.

Long-distance is difficult

But if one partner expects the other to drive a couple of hours so you can spend every weekend Woman looking nsa Thompsons, it may become an issue down the road. My husband and I had been close friends for nearly four years when we began dating. We had spent a summer stuck in a 15 passenger van together on a college trip. Maintaining a relationship long distance during medical training is challenging, but possible.

My long-distance phase was lonely, frustrating, and painful at times, but in hindsight what I see is a relationship with my husband that became more deeply committed, better at communicating, and more prepared to weather challenges than before our time apart. Log in. Search Everywhere This blog. Search Cool tattoos for teenage guys only.

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1. establish a timeline

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Updated on Updated on Feb 18, at PM. How we kept our relationship strong:. C Cassandra Hollman.

Cassandra Hollman is a pseudonym for a sometimes writer and wife of a physician. She lives in the South with her husband and kids and enjoys reading cozy mysteries, drinking coffee, and being outside. She lives in the South with her husband and kids and enjoys reading View all 1 articles.

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